More than 20 ways to play

Start STEM learning early

Use modular features to experiment with physics concepts like cause and effect, force, velocity, and gravity.

Use modular features to experiment with physics concepts.

Build houses, towns, towers, and bridges

Build cities, act out stories, and create a world of wonder through open-ended play.

Build cities, act out stories, and create a world of wonder through open-ended play.

Build a pull car for mobile play

Learn to plan ahead and reach a goal: assemble a simple box car in a sequence of steps. See how the storage box transforms into something new!

Learn to plan ahead and reach a goal: assemble a simple box car in a sequence of steps.

Thread blocks together

Explore connections and pattern play with threading blocks of different colors. Work on fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination at the same time.

Explore connections and pattern play by threading blocks of different colours.

Learn new shapes and colors

Match different blocks to start learning how to sort and categorize—and how things fit together spatially.

Black and white cards: high contrast for developing eyes

Stack it up and watch it tumble

Learn spatial awareness with new sizes and shapes. Practice equilibrium by discovering how things stack, balance, or topple over.

Mirror cards: for early visual engagement

Jump over (small) hurdles

Practice jumping and landing to help build strength, balance, and confidence.

Common objects cards: for building vocabulary

Playing pretend with people

Use these wooden friends in imaginative play to create stories, talk about feelings, and build empathy.

Body parts cards: for building vocabulary

Making a domino trail

Stand up planks for a fun challenge requiring advanced dexterity, hand-eye coordination and balance.

Play guide: A full year of ideas for how to play by developmental stage

What's inside

Solid wood building blocks

15 colorful cubes for counting, stacking, and toppling. Mix and match with other shapes to explore more advanced physical concepts.

Square blocks each different colour

Solid wood cylinders

Start engineering lessons early with shapes that transition from column to roller—and mimic early concepts of a wheel and axle.

4 colorful cylinders to practice visual perception of dimension

Solid wood building planks

18 planks—in 18 colors—for fun practice with balance, stability, and geometry.

18 colourful planks each different colour

Assorted solid wood shapes

9 geometrically shaped blocks and 2 arches for imaginative play, shape sorting, and more complex building and balancing.

colourful blocks circle, triangles, bridges and rectangles

Solid wood people

4 wooden friends to help bring a whole new world of imagination to life.

4 blocks symbolizing human pawns

Wheels and dowels with a toggle string

It’s like magic: 7 pieces fit together to transform the wooden storage box into a simple pull car!

four wheel shaped blocks and three sticks

Threading blocks with toggle string

6 threadable wooden items for fun practice with fine motor coordination and dexterity.

blocks with holes inside and threading rope with wooden sticks attached

Wooden storage box, lid, and ramp

A box with a shape-sorting lid and a divider that doubles as a ramp: practice concepts in physics like momentum and gravity.

rectangle box three pieces: bottom, solid lid and shape sorting lid with shapes cut out

Cotton drawstring bag

Store your Block Set any way you like—this versatile bag is perfect for play on the go.

boy playing with blockset

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