The Montessori Playshelf Limited Warranty

The Montessori Playshelf by Lovevery

Limited Warranty

For twenty-four months from the date of purchase, Lovevery will send the original recipient of the Playshelf free-of-charge replacements of (i) any missing Playshelf parts or (ii) any Playshelf parts that break or fail for any reason other than misuse, abuse, alteration, misassembly, or improper storage. The recipient of any replacement parts will be solely responsible for replacing the missing, broken, or failed parts in accordance with the Playshelf assembly instruction manual. The recipient will also be solely responsible for safely disposing of any replaced parts, and Lovevery encourages the use of local recycling facilities for this purpose. However, Lovevery reserves the right to request the return of any broken or failed parts at its own expense, as part of its ongoing product evaluation and improvement process.

This warranty is non-transferable from the original recipient of the Playshelf. It does not cover ordinary wear and tear, damage caused by impacts or accidents, or cosmetic defects or variations. Where such an exclusion is permitted, this warranty does not cover consequential or incidental damages. Outdoor use of the Playshelf voids this warranty. Because the Playshelf is made out of wood, Lovevery cannot guarantee that replacement parts will match the color or grain of the other components of the shelf.

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