Product Recalls

Recall Safety Notice:

Drinking Cup with Handle in The Inspector Play Kit

This recall was conducted voluntarily by Lovevery under CPSC's Fast Track Recall process. We deeply appreciate your help as we work to make this right.

Drinking Cup Information:

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Why are you recalling the Drinking Cup?

How do I know if this recall affects a Drinking Cup I received?

Which style of Drinking Cup is affected?

I have an issue with a different Lovevery product, what do I do?

Are you recalling other products?

Who was notified and when?

Can I get a refund instead of a replacement Drinking Cup?

Was there an incident where a child was injured?

What if I sold or gifted the Drinking Cup to someone else? Should I notify them about the recall?

I didn’t buy this product from Lovevery, but received it as a gift (or bought it secondhand). Can I participate in this recall?

What are you going to do to keep things safe for future products?

How do I recycle my Drinking Cup?

Affected Drinking Cup